JALI Research Introduction, Questions, and Responses

In its early days, JALI identified four key questions revolving around universal health coverage, national and global responsibility, and global governance for health. We have since developed an extensive research agenda in these areas, with numerous questions to inform the FCGH, the proposed global health treaty grounded in the right to health, and the how to better implement the right to health and reduce health inequities. The goal of our research is twofold: 1) to provide analysis to enable informed, meaningful, and inclusive discussion on the contents of an FCGH โ€“ especially among the communities that have, and civil society that work on behalf of those who have, the least access to quality health services, who are furthest away from enjoying the right to health, who stand โ€“ and need โ€“ to benefit most from an FCGH, and; 2) to move towards a shared understanding of the right to health, specific responsibilities for achieving this right and improving global health, and governance structures and processes to best effectuate these responsibilities.

We encourage you to engage in this historic opportunity to help shape a far-reaching global health treaty that could mark a new era in global health! You can learn more about how you can contribute to this process below, by offering your analysis and perspectives on one or more of the questions that we have identified, or by offering your views on how the FCGH should address key areas, such as accountability and equity, or by providing any other feedback on critical contents of the FCGH. In short, what do you think should be in the FCGH to enable everyone to realize the right to the highest attainable standard of health and to end today's unconscionable global and domestic health inequities? In addition to original contributions, we will post relevant papers that could inform the FCGH, along with a short explanation of the potential relationship between the FCGH and the ideas in the papers, including how the FCGH might address the issues and proposals in the papers, and how an FCGH could advance these ideas.

Please contact us if you would like to join in this endeavor or have any questions. And please note that the responses on this page represent the views of those of the authors, and not necessary of JALI.


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How You Can Contribute to FCGH Content Cevelopment

Right to Health


Accountability and Compliance

Ensuring for All Universal Conditions of Good Health

Health Systems

Underlying Determinants of Health

Social Determinants of Health

Global Governance for Health

(i.e., connections between health and other regimes)

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Global Health Governance



Capacity Building


(i.e., how, if at all, should the FCGH include provisions pertaining to specific diseases, categories of disease, or health conditions)

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Health Lessons

Targets, Timelines, and Indicators

Scope of the FCGH

Regional Perspectives


Process of Developing the FCGH

Process of Developing and Structure of the FCGH

FCGH Advocacy and Social Movements

Evidence for Assertions in FCGH Documents

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