Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants and universal conditions of good health: What positive social determinants of health (e.g., education, employment, gender equity) should the FCGH specially address among the universal conditions to be ensured for all people? [NOTE: Question also in the section on Ensuring for All Universal Conditions of Good Health.]

Standards and social determinants: How should the FCGH address guarantees for the social determinants of health? Should it set certain standards for each social determinant included, or measures that states should or are required to take to address them? If so, what should the standards or measures be for each social determinants of health that the FCGH includes (e.g., education, stress, employment, violence against women and degree of women’s empowerment, social status)?

Comprehensive public health strategies: Should the FCGH require comprehensive public health strategies that address these social determinants? Would these replace or supplement standards for a defined set of social determinants?

Health in All Policies (Domestic) and right to health assessments: What measures could the FCGH include to ensure that policy-making in non-health spheres duly accounts for and does not negatively impact on the right to health and state obligations under the right? How can it encourage cross-sector collaborative policy-making for health? What might be the role of health (or right to health) assessments, and what would trigger a requirement for such an assessment? Should such assessments include not only initial but also periodic/ongoing assessments of certain non-health sector interventions? How prescriptive should be the FCGH be in terms of how the state uses the result of that assessment (e.g., prohibiting any activities that would negatively impact the right to health? – what impact would that have for climate change?)?