Scope of the FCGH

Roads: Should an FCGH address factors outside health and related sectors that nonetheless significantly impact health (such as infrastructure, e.g., rural roads)? If so, how?

Research: What role does the FCGH have in addressing health research and development (R&D)? Should it include as a protocol the treaty envisioned by the Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and Development ( Should the FCGH address medical research outside of any protocol (e.g., commitments on research and development for unmet need, particularly among poorer populations; coordination and information sharing; establishing a process to address situations where market incentives are insufficient to incentivize R&D for unmet health needs)?  Should the FCGH address R&D critical to health but outside the health sector, such as genetically modifying crops to improve their nutritional value? How should the FCGH address health systems and operational research, including ways to improve access and accountability?

Implications of increasing clarity on the right to health: How should the FCGH approach questions/issues implicating ESCR generally, such as explanations of overall elements of the right to health (e.g., maximum available resources): in a health-specific way, or cutting across all ESCR (or even all human rights)?

Traditional medicine: Should the FCGH address traditional/alternative medicines? If so, how?

Additional areas: Are there additional issues not adequately covered above that the FCGH should address. If so, how?