Health Lessons

IHP+: What has been the experience of IHP+ (International Health Partnership and related initiatives) of trying to improve coordination and country-led approaches? What can be learned from its successes and shortcomings in terms of how an FCGH could improve coordination and support country-led approaches?

Universal health coverage: What developing countries are most effectively providing universal health coverage and what lessons can be learned from their experiences? Are there certain features of universal health coverage strategies and systems, in particularly to ensure that movement towards universal health coverage is consistent with and prioritizes health equity, that are critical to securing universal health coverage that might factor in some way into the FCGH?

Health equity: What have been the most successful strategies in improving health equity domestically, across income groups and for marginalized populations? How can the FCGH learn from these experiences?

Domestic health budgeting: What factors have led some countries to achieve the Abuja Declaration target of countries spending at least 15% of their government budgets on the health sector? How might the FCGH facilitate these factors?

International health budgeting: What factors have enabled countries that consistently provide high levels of international health assistance to maintain such investments? How might the FCGH facilitate these factors?

Ministerial Leadership Initiative: What lessons do the Ministerial Leadership Initiative (, which strengthened government ability to develop health systems that are more capable of delivering on the right to health, hold for an FCGH?