Capacity Building

Health capacity building: How should the FCGH promote capacity building for health workers, civil society organizations, media, government officials and institutions, universities, and others working on health? What are international responsibilities on health-related capacity building that the FCGH should include? Should it include any stipulations related to using and supporting local sources of technical support? Should the FCGH include any funding-related provisions on (e.g., encouraging) capacity building (e.g., professional education, research capacity, leadership)? If the FCGH addresses responsibilities for building national capacity, how should it do so, and in what areas? Should the FCGH outline broad areas of capacity building that should be included in national health strategies?

Non-health sectors: How should the FCGH promote health capacity building outside the health sector, to facilitate a Health in All Policies approach, policy coherence for health, and increased support throughout government on health priorities, including for funding?

Right to health capacity fund: Should the FCGH develop a special right to health capacity building funding channel? If so, what should it cover (e.g., right to health education of the population and authorities, national right to health infrastructure such as units within health ministries, right to health ombudspeople and commissions, community and civil society organizations addressing the right to health, local health accountabilities mechanisms)? Should it include funding for both non-state actors (civil society, media, academic institutions) and governments? Should institutions in high-income countries (only non-state institutions, or governments as well?) be eligible? How should such a funding channel be structured and funded? Should it be an independent fund? Or should the funding channel(s) be incorporated into or otherwise linked to other health (or human rights) funding streams? Should the capacity fund’s funding be encompassed within the overall funding framework of the FCGH? How should the funding channel(s) relate to or be incorporated into other health (or human rights) funding streams? [Note question also in the Right to Health section.]